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Welcome to Jerry Shaw Custom Saddles

As a CUSTOM SADDLE MAKER from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, we build high quality handcrafted custom saddles and tack for everything you can do “western” on a horse. Whether you are a cowboy or cowgirl at heart or one who earns a living horseback, you’ll enjoy visiting our SADDLE GALLERIES of uniquely beautiful but undeniably serviceable tools of the cowboy trade. Whatever your chosen discipline or riding style, you’ll find the saddle of your dreams from one of our galleries.

Hopefully, you didn’t come to the Jerry Shaw Custom Saddles web site expecting to find the typical, ordinary, hum-drum saddles so common in today’s market place. As you will soon see, there is nothing ordinary about our extraordinary works of art. Each saddle is carefully designed, skillfully assembled, and masterfully finished using only the finest and highest quality materials available. Each of our saddles is individually handcrafted with one type of buyer in mind. . . the discriminating horseman or horsewoman who demands the very best for themselves and insists on the very best of equipment for their horses.

       Ranch Saddles
      For Work Or Play

  Working Cow Saddles,
        Built To Work,
       Pretty Enough
   For The Living Room

       Barrel Saddles,
     Works Of Art, But 
      Built For Speed!

         Wade Saddles
           To Die For

         Deep Pocket
       Cutting Saddles

      Cowboy Saddles
      For Ranch Work
         Or Rompin'
We are keenly aware that your horses and what you do with them are a substantial investment, both monetarily and emotionally. The saddle you use must protect that investment by making sure that neither the rider nor the horse has any concerns about what is between them. To be honest, we love to hear people "Oooooh" and "Ahhhh" over how beautiful our saddles are. But the best compliment we get is, "The minute my butt hit the saddle, neither I nor my horse knew it was there!" The last thing you want to be thinking about when you are making lightening fast turns in the cutting arena or making scenic skid marks in the arena sand at the reining futurity is how your saddle feels or how it fits your horse. So, in a way, it is a genuine compliment when customers say we build a forgettable saddle . . . forget the saddle and enjoy the ride! 

A long time ago, when we began our business, we made our commitment to build the best quality saddle that money can buy and offer it to our customers at an affordable price. You can pay more but you can't buy better. 

When you visit our shop, you'll find us building great western saddles in the same tradition of the great saddle makers of past generations. You won't see assembly lines or a lot of high tech equipment. You will just find a collaboration of master craftsmen, all of whom have been carefully selected, not only because of their skill and expertise, but their willingness to learn our unique trademark techniques, all working together and sharing their knowledge to create elegant pieces of art that are built to withstand the tough, rigorous work cowboy life and look great while riding comfortably. 

We have the greatest respect and admiration for our forebears who paved the way for modern horsemanship. We have tried to learn from their ancient techniques while adapting to the evolutionary changes each discipline has brought to the modern performance horse. We are keenly aware that ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL, whether you are talking about horses or riders. As modern breeding programs tweak the conformation of their performance animals to perform well in their respective disciplines the Jerry Shaw Custom Saddle is also an evolutionary process. We strive diligently to listen attentively and carefully to the needs, wants and desires of those we serve before a saddle’s construction is begun. As your needs change our designs and methods will change to accommodate your requirements. 

We firmly believe that UTILITY and Beauty can co-exist in perfect harmony in the western saddle.  We try to combine unbridled beauty, unequaled quality of materials and workmanship, and the latest in style and class with unparalleled comfort for the horse and rider. 

Each Jerry Shaw saddle is painstakingly crafted to achieve the perfect balance of form and function without sacrificing beauty.  We understand that BEAUTIFUL doesn't equate to BETTER, but we've found that it doesn't hurt for a great saddle to be uniquely and distinctively gorgeous while being perfectly serviceable. 

Please understand that we can and do build Plain Jane saddles for those who want them, but even then we want them to be flawlessly constructed, built of the finest of materials and evidence the handiwork of a skilled and talented craftsman.  Being a Plain Jane is no excuse for shoddy or sloppy work and it won't be a part of anything that is shipped out of our shop. We want everyone who rides a Jerry Shaw Custom Saddle to be able to ride with pride. . . and we'll do what it takes on this end to make it possible.

Above all, our goal is QUALITY, not QUANTITY. The result is that every aspect of our saddles is an example of uncompromised quality.  Just as the code of the rugged cowboy of the of the Old West was to "always protect the brand" he rode for, each saddle that leaves our shop wears our brand (my name) and is an ambassador of our reputation as a saddle maker.  Each is permanently stamped with my name and represents us in the arenas, the trails and the pastures for generations to come. For that reason, the quality goes in it before my name goes on it.

                                                                               Jerry Shaw

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