Jerry Shaw Custom Saddles
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Cutting Saddle: CS-34

This deep pocket CUTTING SADDLE haas been our most popular design.   What's not to love?  Great leather,  Wickett and Craig Chestnut;  Great seat, the deep pocket seat is as comfortable as your favorite easy chair.  The tooling, a classic and unique Jerry Shaw design, is stunning. 

This saddle is built on our Jerry Shaw styled tree, full place, double dropped dee rigging, and classic custom overlaid sterling conchos.

Call for pricing (972) 345-0820

Remember the Spratt family, Jack Spratt of nursery rhime fame?  "Jack Spratt could eat no fat; his wife could eat no lean." the words went.  And though we were perhaps too young to understand the real issue, it was a metabolism problem the family had.  Fat made Jack feel bad and lean meat didn't set well with his wife.  But regardless of the underlying medical issues of the Spratt family, we all have our preferences.  Some folks love the deep pocket ride and others, frankly, just don't feel at ease in it.  Theirs must be the traditional flat seat.  Knowing that tastes vary, we have solved the problem for you.  Take a look at the same saddle but in a flat seat version.
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