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Great, handcrafted, custom-built western saddles is what we’re all about, so if you have come to see artistically crafted custom saddles you have come to the right place. We build them for every western discipline and every horse person’s personal need. Although a cowboy’s (or cowgirl’s) purpose drives the type of saddle he may choose to purchase, our saddles meet that purpose or purposes but are as individualistic as the cowboys and cowgirls that ride them.  

We believe that the men and women who ride our saddles have the inalienable right to be their own persons, to have their own personalities, likes and dislikes and we build saddles to support a myriad of personalities, whether plain, simple, elegant or imaginatively wild or creatively different from anything else in the world.  

For that reason we don’t display a half-dozen saddle models to choose from.  Instead, we humbly but frankly tell you that only your imagination limits what you can have in a Jerry Shaw Custom Saddle.  You dream it. . . and we’ll make your dreams come true.  All you have to do is adequately articulate your imagination to us. If it can be done with leather, we can do it.  And because of that we show you, not a few models, but multitudes of saddles we’ve built for others to give you ideas of what you can have when you order a Jerry Shaw Custom, Handmade Saddle. 

As you visit our many saddle galleries, pick from the saddles you like those things you want us to incorporate into your dream saddle.  Then call us and let us make your dreams come true. 

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