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Reining Saddles Gallery

Welcome to our gallery of custom built REINING SADDLES. 

In a fast moving sport like reining where the stakes are high and the competition keen, it is imperative that your equipment be your asset, not your liability. 

A custom made reining saddle that fits both rider and horse perfectly is not an option; it is a necessity.  If your horse is trained to perfection, changes leads with ease, slides as if on skis, and turn circles as perfectly as a carousel pony, but inhibited by an ill fitted saddle, all  your best efforts are, at best, an expensive waste of time.  As a rider, you may have superb riding skills, but if your saddle is uncomfortable,  has you up above the horse's back as if riding a camel, or in any way keeps you from sitting the stop or staying in balance on the spins, you'll at best look awkward.    The Jerry Shaw reining saddle is designed to eliminate the type of problems that keep you out of the winner's circle.

In this (and in our other reining saddle galleries) are saddles that you will see in reining classes here and abroad and are doing their jobs to make cowboy dreams come true.

If we can help you with a custom built reining saddle, please give us a call at: (972) 345-0820

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