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Steer Wrestling Saddles

The "big man's sport" of rodeo is also rodeo's fastest timed event. If he's going to take home any cash, the steer wrestler,  or "dogger" as the old timers called him, knows that when he nods, his event had better be over and have him up slapping the dirt off his hands and jeans in about three seconds or less.  

When the chute opens and the Mexican Corriente steer bolts for the other end of the arena, the steer wrestler needs a saddle that allows him to slide out of it and on the the fast moving, Spanish mooing bovine with as much speed and as little obstruction as possible. For that reason, we build our steer wrestling saddles with a spacious seat, low cantle and low A Fork style swell.   The cantle is generally low (two or two and a half inches high) and swept back without much dish. If the cantle has much dish, the rider has to slide forward before he can slide sideways, thus eating up valuable nano-seconds.  The horn serves as a handle to hold onto as he slides out of the seat, down to the side of the horse, and on to the back of the steer.  For that reason we use a horn with an egg shaped cap. The dogger can hold onto the horn, palm downward, without having to twist his arm.  Having said all this, we hasten to add that the buyer may change or customize any part of the saddle to accommodate his particular like, wishes or needs.   

We offer a wide variety of tooling patterns, seat sizes, and skirt shapes as is needed to please or satisfy the varied tastes of the different individuals. 

Prices for the Jerry Shaw Steer Wrestling Saddle begins at $3,250.00

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