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Never, never, never underestimate the importance of stirrups and the contribution they make to the look, the comfort and the safety of your saddle.  All saddles have them and a rider can sort of get along with whatever happens to be there but if the saddle is your own, prudent and thoughtful decisions should be made about the choice of the stirrup you use.

Here are some questions that help you arrive at your proper response:

    1.  Do I like a heavy or light weight stirrup?

    2. Do I want a stirrup that grabs my foot or allows my foot to slip out eaisly?

    3. Do I want a feel more comfortable with a narrow foot rest or a wider one?

    4. Do I want a deep stirrup or a more shallow one?

    5. Do I want my stirrup to have a bit of phazazzzzzzz, or  will a plain one serve my purpose?

Want to know how to measure a stirrup?  Click HERE.
Below are some of the stirrups we carry.  You can add them to your purchase of a custom built Jerry Shaw saddle or purchase them for the saddle you presently have. (As we upload all our stirrup options you will be able to click on any photo and see more photos of the stirrup and read more information about it)

2 Inch Monel Stirrups: Item # S-5300

2 Inch Nettles' Offset Stirrups with Mini Skirt: Item # S-5400

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