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Twist And Turned Stirrup

We call them "Twist and Turned Stirrups" and charge $35.00 for adding it to a new saddle. 

Giving credit where credit is due, it is a technique developed by Hamley Saddlery of Pendleton, Oregon many years ago, and is generally call it a "Hamley Twist".  To save a lot of discussion we just call it  what we call it, Twist and Turned Stirrups.

Do you want them on your saddle?  Probably, if you can afford another $35.00.  What is it, and what is the benefit? It is a process of permanently twisting the stirrup leathers and wraping them with a latigo strap,  so the stirrup leather lays flat against the horse's side and keeps the stirrups permanently turned in a comfortable position.  The way a fender is attached to the saddle tree, the stirrup  naturally lays flat against the horse's side requiring the rider to manuever the toe into the stirrup and turn it outwardly in order to place his/her foot in the stirrup.  The pressure of an unturned fender causes fatigue after a while and diminishes the pleasure of the rider. 

Take a look at the saddle pictured with Twist and Turned Stirrups.
Notice how the excess ends of the stirrup leathers will lay flat against the horse's side instead of falling in front of the stirrup to get in the way of your toe and annoy the daylights out of you.

The following photo gives you a close up of the finished product:

The following slides show some of the steps of the process:

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