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Wade Lite Saddles

The Wade Saddle is such an awesome looking saddle and although it is not really a relic of the "Old West", everything about it says "Cowboy"! The problem, however, with most Wade saddles is when you pick one up it often feels like the horse is still in it. Not so with our Wade Lite. We build it so a dainty cowgirl can pick it up and throw it over her horse's back. And, let's face it, a lot of hairy legged cowboys are attracted to the style of the Cliff Wade Saddle but would rather not have to lug around a 55 or 60 pound saddle.  Its for these honest souls that we've built the Wade Lite. In most instances we're able to keep the weight around 24 to 26 pounds. That makes it ideal for the situations we've just described.

Our base price for the Wade Lite Saddle is $3,250.00.  This gives you the honkin' big post horn and the Wade Saddle look, (actually ready to ride except for the front girth)  but if you want it all dolled up, you may have to fork over a little bit more.  Accessories like latigo strings, horn wraps, rope hangers, rawhide horn or cantle binders, padded seats, specialty stirrups, etc., add to the price.

Below are some Wade Lite Saddles we've built for some of our customers.  Perhaps you want one different from all the rest.  You can have it.   Imagine it and we can build it for you.

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