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Cowgirl's All Purpose Saddles Gallery

This gallery is dedicated to the cowgirls whose needs are sometimes unique to their gender but often ignored by those who provide equine equipment.  These saddles, custom in every sense of the word,  are built to be used for a multitude of purposes . . . strong enough to do heavy duty  ranch work but light enough to be hoisted around by the daintiest of cowgirls. Rope a steer, drag a calf to the branding fire or ride comfortably for 30 miles.  The name says it all. . . it is an all purpose saddle that we have designed and built specifically for cowgirls.  Although we provide a large selection of horns, each one is built with strength sufficient to rope anything your horse can hold. 

Over the years we have been able, with the cooperation of our custom tree builder, to develop a tree that provides a comfortable fit to today's horses.  The tree is the foundation of any saddle and for the saddle to properly fit a horse a lot of years of experience have to blend together in utilizing the right bar pattern, proper bar spread and an angle of the bar that allows the horse to move freely, support a rider without pain or discomfort and give years of life to your investment. We can comfortably say that our custom built trees have the right combination of all those elements. 

Another important element of any great saddle is the leather craftsmanship. Rather than toot our horn, we invite you to view saddles throughout our site and decide for yourself what you think of our craftsmanship.   We hand pick and/or train our leather artisans to produce some of the most beautiful and uniqsue tooling patterns available in the saddle industry.  When you combine all these elements you have a saddle that you can use for any purpose, use for a lifetime and  then pass on to future generations. 

Perhaps you are wondering what some of those "all purposes" might be.  For that, we'll let your imagination lead you to the possibilities that fit your personal needs.  When a saddle leaves our shop we do not always know the purpose for which it is being used, however we know some are being used by professional horse trainers, some are being used in competitive reining, working cow and cutting classes.  Others are used for trail riding and some use them as barrel racing saddles but many of them are used to do daily ranch chores.  But, what do I know, you may have a better purpose than any of these. . . and it will probably be up to the task.  

Our goal is to provide you a high quality custom built saddle that weighs around 24 to 26 pounds (depending, of course on its size) at an affordable price.   We use the world's finest leathers and hardware along with the world's best trained craftsmanship.

 The base price for the Jerry Shaw Cowgirl's All Purpose Saddle is $3,490.00 This gives you a saddle that is ready to ride except for the front girth.  It will have a basic half-breed tooling package of basket weave or other geometric pattern.  You'll pay extra for more coverage or intricate carving, padded seats, specialty conchos or other items that you may choose. Go ahead, girl, doll it up how you want it! 

The saddles of this gallery are examples of what we could build for you.  Design your own or call and let us collaborate on how your saddle should be designed and built.  We'll be waiting to speak with you. Our phone number is 972-345-0820.

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